The People, Fearing Death, Will Be Reluctant To Move: The Zhu Yuanzhang Suite (1328-1398 CE)

  • Part 1: Blue Sky, Red Turban, White Lotus, Black Death
    As the Mongol lords of the faltering Yuan Dynasty continue to bicker and war amongst one another, climate change and a global pandemic spark uprisings, rebellions, and predictions that the end of the world is at hand!
  • Part 2: The Lords of Light
    Between peasant uprisings and catastrophic diseases, a curious movement picks up steam professing that a new Buddha is going to change the entire fundament of the world, and only the righteous shall be spared! Join up now, while supplies last! Meanwhile, a destitute orphan will join a monastery, beginning a whirlwind adventure of a life…
  • Part 3: Battle Royale
    A young Zhu Yuanzhang proves his mettle as a commander of the Red Turban armies south of the Yangtze River. He’ll quickly come to find out, however, that power breeds rival… even among supposed allies…
  • Part 4: On the Waterfront
    Zhu Yuanzhang confronts his two prime rivals in the south – the warlords Zhang Shicheng of Wu, and Cheng Youliang of Han – culminating in a lake-top faceoff so titanic, its sheer scale has never been replicated.
  • Part 5: Overflowing Martial Accomplishment
    With the south untied until his Ming banners, Zhu Yuanzhang turns his attention to the north – and the sputtering last gasps of the Mongol Yuan regime ensconced at Dadu. With this final push, he will do what no Chinese from the south has ever done before: reunite All Under Heaven.
  • Part 7: I Think I’m Paranoid
    Zhu Yuanzhang was never the most trusting of individuals. But as time goes on, he begins to jump more and more at shadows… and by “jump,” I mean “brutally execute” … and by “shadows,” I mean “darn near everyone around him.”
  • Part 8: To Pick at the Dragon’s Scales
    Abroad, the great armies of Ming continue to advance and conquer.
    At home, the Hongwu Emperor rules through fear and death – prompting some of the bravest of his officials to dare his wrath by pointing out that he might be off his rocker.
  • Part 9: The Problem With Princes
    As the Hongwu Emperor enters the twilight of his life, a decision that had seemed like a good idea at the time – making his sons insanely powerful feudal military warlords in their own rights – actually turns out to have *unanticipated consequences* when his eldest son and imperial heir prematurely dies.

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