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7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi, I read about your podcast on Reddit and now I’m hooked! I’ve had courses on Chinese History in college but nothing as complete as what you have on your podcast! Thanks!

  2. I love this podcast and I’m completely hooked but I’m looking for a deeper dive, especially since you alluded to the court intrigue during the warring states period. Can you recommend any materials to better explore that? Of course any general recommended reading on Chinese history would be wonderful too!

    1. Hi there Elaine! I’d be happy to suggest some further reading on the Warring States Period 🙂

      I suggest – if you can get your hands on a copy – the Cambridge History of Ancient China: from the origins of civilization to 221 B.C..

      Another interesting take on the philosophies of the period would be “San De and Warring States Views on Heavenly Retribution,” which is an article published in The Journal of Chinese Philosophy 37.

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