#117 – Tang 29: The Gathering Storm

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The Tang Empire enters its death spiral. The cumulative effects of more than a century of economic mismanagement intersects with the peasantry and military’s respective gripes with the government to disastrous effects south of the Yangtze River. Rebellions beget further rebellions as the whole enterprise spirals down toward the drainpipe.

Time Period Covered:
859-873 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Emperor Yizong of Tang (Li Wen/Cui) [r. 859-873]
Princess Tongcheng [d. 870]
General Wang Shi
General Zhuye Chixin (later Li Guochang)
Governor-General Linghu Tao

Qiu Fu, rebel leader, “Grand Generalissimo of the Empire” [d. 860]

Pang Xun, rebel leader [d. 869]

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