#115 – Tang 27: The Third Disaster of Wu

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The new Emperor Wuzong will have a lot on his plate right from the get-go. Foreign threats and domestic squabbles will frame his early reign, but it’s his own fanatical devotion to Daoism and antipathy to Buddhism that will define his reign.

Period Covered:
840-846 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Tang Dynasty:
Emperor Wuzong of Tang (Li Chan/Yan) [r. 840-846]
Crowned Prince Li Yi [810-859]
Chancellor Li Deyu [787-850]
Qiu Shiliang [d. 843]

Uighur Khaganate:
He-Sa Khagan [d. 840]
Ormizt Tigin (Prince)[d. ca. 847]

Kirghiz Khaganate:
Bilga Khagan

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