#109 – Tang 22: Innie or Outie?

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Dezong has had it up to here with his mumbling, bumbling, stumbling courtiers and their inability to solve the empire’s problems. So he’s going to give them 3 last shots to prove the worth of the bureaucracy, and when they strike out, he’ll turn toward his private inner count to make the Tang Empire great again.

Time Period
786-795 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Emperor Dezong of Tang [r. 779-805]
Chancellor Cui Zao (term of office: 785-787, exiled and d. 787)
Chancellor Li Mi [term: 787-789, d. 789]
Chancellor Dou Can [term: 789-792, d. 793 by forced suicide]
Chancellor Lu Zhi [term: 792-794, exiled]
Director of Finances Pei Yanling [792-796, d. 796]

Major Works Cited:
Dalby, Michael T. “Court Politics in Late Tang Times” in The Cambridge history of China, vol. 3.
Sima, Guang. Zizhi Tongjian, vol. 234, 235

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