#108 – Tang 21: General Disaster

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The echoes of the An Lushan Rebellion still reverberate destructively through Tang China even three decades after its conclusion. As the new emperor, Dezong, attempts to revitalize the glory days of old, he’ll kick off an new round of wars with the governor-warlords of Hebei who don’t want to have to listen to him anymore.

Time Period Covered:
781-785 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Emperor Dezong of Tang (Li Kuo) [r. 779-805]
Li Zhengji, Governor-General of Pinglu [d. 781]
Zhu Tao, King of Ji
Zhu Ci, Governor-General of Huaixi, Emperor of Qin/Han [d. 785]
Duan Xiushi, Tang double-agent [d. 783]
General Li Huaiguang
General Li Sheng

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