#105 – Tang 18: Retrospective

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Before getting into the latter half of the Tang Dynasty, we take a look back at the 175 years we’ve covered since the Sui first reunified China at the conclusion of the Period of Disunion. Join us on this high-altitude, rapid journey charting the highs and lows the the 2 & a half dynasties we’ve looked at since Episode 76.

Time Period Covered:
581-764 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Sui Dynasty:
Emperor Wen (Yang Jian) [r. 581-604]
Emperor Yang (Yang Guang) [r. 604-617]

Tang Dynasty:
Emperor Gaozu (Li Yuan) [r. 618-626]
Princess Pingyang [d. 623]
Emperor Taizong (Li Shimin) [r. 627-649]
Emperor Gaozong (Li Zhi) [r. 650-683]
Emperor Zhongzong (Li Xian) [r. 684-684]
Emperor Ruizong (Li Dan) [r. 684-690]

Zhou Dynasty:
Empress Regnant Wu Zetian (Wu Meiniang) [r. 690-705]

Tang Dynasty (restored):
Emperor Zhongzong (Li Xian) [r. 705-710]
Emperor Ruizong (Li Dan) [r. 710-712]
Princess Taiping [d. 712]
Emperor Xuanzong (Li Longji) [r. 712-756]
Emperor Suzong (Li Heng) [r. 756-762]
Emperor Daizong (Li Yu) [r. 762-779]

Northeastern Protectorate/ Yan Dynasty:
Emperor An Lushan [r. 756-757]
Emperor An Qingxu [r. 757-759]
Emperor Shi Siming [r. 759-761]
Emperor Shi Chaoyi [r. 761-763]

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