#104 – AnShi 4: Crowns in the Gutters

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The AnShi Rebellion grinds on to its bitter conclusion, claiming lives at a rate unprecedented in human history. Crowns and throne will be cast to the wind by fathers and sons alike, and in the end China will before force to decide between national cohesion and national sovereignty… a true devil’s choice, if ever there was one.

Time period covered:
756 – 764 CE

Major Historical Actors:

Tang Dynasty:
Retired Emperor Xuanzong [d. 762]
Emperor Suzong (Li Heng) [r. 756-762]
Emperor Daizong (Li Yu) [r. 762-779]

Yan Dynasty:
An Lushan [d. 757]
Emperor An Qingxu [r. 757-759]
Emperor Shi Siming [r. 759-761]
Emperor Shi Chaoyi [r. 761-763]

Uyghur Khaganate:
Tengri Bügü Khagan [r. 759-779]

Sources Cited:
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