Episode 100: Di Yi Bai!

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Title Meaning: “Hundredth!” It’s a Q&A between you listeners and myself on topics far and wide! They range from yet further exploration of Empress Wu, to the nature of Chinese alcohol, my favorite Chinese movies, Chinese classes and slavery within the Empire and even today, China’s relations with Southeast Asia and why it seems to be a particularly difficult place to conquer across time, the end of the Ming Dynasty, the surprisingly contentious history of silk, and finally a question likely to land me in hot water: a question on how China might change in the century to come (bring it on, Fifty Cent Party!)


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2 thoughts on “Episode 100: Di Yi Bai!

  1. your father in law sounds like a great time! PS effects collection Jainism is completely separate from Buddhism they have some similarities but they have completely different founders but where both birth out of the same Śramaṇa tradition. The only reason I know this is I took comparative religion this semester and one of my girlfriend best friend is a Jain.

  2. one thing I noticed two during the question is asking about the different social classes and slavery minion jumping the gun here because I’m like listen to in the middle of it is you missed his question and it’s very important question on social mobility in these areas.

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