Ep. 97 – Tang 14: The Sacrifices of Feng and Shan

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Military reforms mark our entrance into Xuanzong’s early-middle reign, which is more or less a basket of unicorn foals: external peace, internal stability… now if only that darned economy would fix itself! But the emperor will turn a fateful corner in the 724, when his official Zhang Yue convinces him to conduct the Feng and Shan Sacrifices: the highest ritual a Chinese ruler could conduct – a sacrifice to Heaven and Earth atop holy Mount Tai.

Time Period Covered:
714 – 726 CE

Important Historical Figures:
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (Li Longji) [r. 714- ]
Empress Wang [d. 724]
Lady Wu
Chief Minister Zhang Yue
Minister Yuwen Rong
Minister Cui Yinfu

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