#94 – Tang 12: Two Second Reigns

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The Tang Dynasty has been restored following Empress Wu’s eldest son’s coup d’etat. But dynastic restoration does not equate to societal reformation, and many of the problems Wu inherited or exacerbated remain. Throw into that mix a decade long period of palatial infighting between princes and princesses, and we have a period so chalk full of intrigue, espionage, and assassination… that classical historians have preferred to steer around this decade rather than even deign to acknowledge it.

Time Period Covered:
705-712 CE

Notable Historical Figures:
Deposed Empress Wu Zetian [d. 705]
Li Xian (Emperor Zhongzong of Tang) [2nd r. 705-710]
Li Dan (Emperor Ruizong of Tang) [2nd r. 710-712]
Li Longji (Emperor Xuanzong of Tang) [r. 712- ]
Princess Taiping
Empress Wei [d. 710]
Princess Anlou [d. 710]
Wu Sansi [d. 707]
Crowned Prince Li Chongjun [d. 707]

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