Episode 83 – Tang 2: The Incident at Xuanwu Gate


The Tang will achieve hegemony over the entirety of China’s heartlands, both North and South. But with external foes subdued, simmering tensions within the royal household will begin bubbling to the surface, culminating in a showdown that will decide the future of the Dynasty.

Time Period Covered:
618-626 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Tang Dynasty:
Li Yuan (Emperor Gaozu)
Crowned Prince Li Jiancheng
Prince Li Yuanji
Prince Li Shimin
Li Xiaogong, Prince of Zhao
Guard Captain Yang Wen’gan
General Yuchi Jingde

Liang Dynasty:
Xiao Xian (Emperor of Liang)

Gokturk Khannate:
Shibi Khan [d. 619]
Illig Khan (alt. Xieli)

Sources Cited:
Weschler, Howard. The Cambridge History of China, vol. 3 (1979).
Zhao, Ying and Liu, Shu. Jiu Tangshu (The Old Book of Tang). (945)


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One thought on “Episode 83 – Tang 2: The Incident at Xuanwu Gate

  1. Can I just say, I am an avid fan of several history podcasts, and this is one that consistently delivers engaging, thoughtful, and polished content. I cannot express enough appreciation for you hard work. Thank you!

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