Episode 82 – Tang 1: The Tiger’s Trap


The Duke of Tang had taken control of China’s primary capital at Chang’an, and is now in position to seize the throne for himself. But even that momentous shift will only mark the beginning of the struggle to reclaim imperial authority and unite China under his single banner. For there are other claimants to the throne, and powerful warlords who have their own designs for China. But it will be in the cauldron of chaos that is the North Plains of the Yellow River that the new Tang Dynasty will truly be put to the test – will it remain a mere regional player in a multi-polar struggle, or does it have what it takes to reforge the nation into its united whole?

Time Period Covered:
617-621 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Li Yuan, Duke of Tang (Emperor Gaozu) [566-635CE]
Prince Li Shimin

Emperor Yang [d. 617]
Emperor Gong [r. 617-619]
General Yuwen Huaji [d.]

Xue Zhu (Emperor/Warlord of Qin) [d. 618]
Xue Rengao [d. 618]

General Wang Shichong (Emperor/Commandant of Luoyang) [d. 621]

Dou Jiande (Prince of Xia) [d. 621]

Li Mi Rebel Faction:
Commander Li Mi [d. 619]


Works Cited

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