Episode 81 – Sui 5: Disintegration


With its push against Goguryeo rather catastrophically stalled out, the whole enterprise begins to unravel with spectacular speed for the Sui Dynasty. All the while, its Emperor Yang will maintain a disturbingly unaffected demeanor for the suffering his edicts are creating across the countryside – in large part because his lackeys have created a “reality-distortion filter” around him they’ll literally kill to maintain.

But elsewhere, agents of insurrection will rise to challenge the waning star that is Sui China, especially in the form of one Li Yuan, the Duke of Tang and his family.

Time Period Covered:
614-618 CE

Important Figures:

Emperor Yang of Sui
Empress Xiao
Prince Yang You (Emperor Gong)
Prince Yang Hao, Prince of Qin
General Yuwen Huaji

Rebel Tang Forces
Li Yuan, Duke of Tang
Li Shimin
Lady Li/ Pingyang, Commander of the Woman’s Army

Gokturk Khannate
Shibi Khan

Works Cited
Sima, Guang. Zizhi Tongjian (Reflections of Governance) (1084 CE)
Bennett Peterson, Barbara. Notable Women of China: From the Shang to the Early 20th Century (2000)
Wen, Daya. The Diary of the Founding of the Great Tang
Wright, Arthur F., Chaffee and Twitchett (ed.) The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 3 (1979)


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2 thoughts on “Episode 81 – Sui 5: Disintegration

  1. Is there a name for the background picture for this episode, or somewhere I can look it up? I just love that picture!


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