Episode 80 – Sui 4: Ringing Blood From the Stone


Emperor Yang of Sui has ventured forth to the far northeastern border of China in an attempt to rescue his honor from the clutches of the impudent King of Goguryeo, Yeongyang.

Little does King Yeongyang know that the Sui Empire has secretly begun construction on a new waterway even more navigable that the first dreaded Grand Canal.

When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small kingdom of Koreans struggling to resist a renewed Chinese domination of East Asia…

Time Period Covered:
611-614 CE

Important Figures:
Yang Guang (Emperor Yang of Sui) [r. 605-618]
Intelligence Chief Pei Ju
Imperial Chief Engineer Yuwen Kai
General Yuwen Shu

Yang Xungang – Director of the Board of Rites/rebel leader

Gökturk Khannate
Ashina Duojishi (Shibi Khan)

Goguryeo Kingdom (North Korea and Manchuria)
King Yeongyang
Field Marshal Eulji Mundeok

Works Cited
Sima, Guang. Zizhi Tongjian (Reflections of Governance) (1084 CE)
Wei, Zheng, et al. Sui Shu (The Book of Sui). (636 CE)
Wright, Arthur F., Chaffee and Twitchett (ed.) The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 3 (1979)


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