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The History of China is an remains free through the generosity of our wonderful listeners.  You can join us and help our digital Silk Road of Chinese history keep flowing from our mic to your ears!  How you might ask?  Easy!  We have two main methods of making a donation…

First up is Patreon, aservice we really like because it minimally impacts your pocketbook while allowing the podcast to profit from every show we produce!  It’s subscription-based, with a suggested start-point of $1 per episode, but with additional bonuses like exclusive coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more at higher support levels (plus you become one of ThoC’s Eternal Imperial Court with title, domain and everything else that comes with such prestige).  Please check out out page and consider becoming the show’s patron:


Subscription not your thing?  No worries, we’re always happy to have a 1-off shot in the arm, and that’s easiest through out PayPal page, located here:

Whichever way you decide to support the show, thanks so much!  You’re both how we keep the lights on, and a big reason why we’re so passionate about the show: the fact that you too are passionate about the topic.


14 thoughts on “Support the Show!

  1. I have been listening since June and I am up to Episode 64. All these Chinese names which sound the same and frequently are the same. I appreciate the history. I am simultaneously listening to “History of Byzantium” which is on hold until I get the podcasts approximately insync. The most important improvement: more maps, please. Frank Gulla

    1. I must agree with your last sentiment. I am only at episode 41, but I find the different provinces listed confusing.

      Throughout “The History of Rome” and “The History of Byzantium” podcasts, there were explanation episodes on the many different provinces of the Roman Empire, explaining their significance in the narrative.

      Don’t get me wrong, Chris; I am loving the show so far. It’s just hard to follow what regions you are talking about during the main narrative.

      1. The companion-posts are there to serve in that capacity, and I’ve tried to get them out more frequently that I used to (say, for instance, back when I was putting out Ep. 41 😉 )

        I’ve also endeavored to be more thorough in my explanations of “where” places are in the narrative itself as I’ve gone on… so it remains, as ever, a work-in-progress… improving slowly, but slowly.

  2. Your PayPal link does not work (fopr me)
    When i get to the page i can not enter amount
    The $0.00 is un-editable
    When i click on continue, i will not and the $0.00 flashes a couple of times indicating it wants me (quite reasonably) to specify an amount

  3. Hey Chris,

    I wasn’t sure where to send support messages to so I figured this would be the best place. I just recently started listening to your show and am really likening it. However, when I try to use pocket casts to download your show, I get an error message. Basically it will allow me to stream the show but not download it. Not sure if you can fix it on your end but it would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. …huh! That’s weird. I have no idea why that might be… I use Overcast and it downloads there… I have no idea why Pocketcasts would be different…

      But hey, thanks for the support! Much appreciated… I’ll see if there’s something I can finagle with Pocketcasts…

  4. I am now 127 episodes into your podcast. I discovered it about two months ago and have been “binging” on it ever since. I have just made my first donation to the show as a sign of the deep gratitude I have for the work that you are doing. Your passion for the subject and sense of humor with the material has made it a great pleasure listening to you for at an average of at least 30 minutes everyday for the last 60 days. I am making my first trip to China in about two weeks and having digested your show will so greatly enhance the enjoyment of my trip. Thank you so very much for your work and I shudder at having to wait for new episodes!


    1. Excellent, and I hope you continue to enjoy! I’mm hoping to up the time-table a little bit (though no promises in case I stumble upon another interesting rabbit hole…) so hopefully the waits won’t be quite so long 😉

      Where are you headed in China?

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