Episode 78 – Sui 2: Reconstruction


Today we finish out out look into the reign of the Sui Dynasty’s founding emperor, Wen. We begin first with the military roferms he imposed on his newly reunited state, mirroring those he made to the civil government. Once completed, Sui China will find itself on a footing it hasn’t reliably been for centuries: outward-facing and expansionist. The repercussions of this epochal change in circumstance for Chine will be felt across the globe.

Time Period Covered:
581-605 CE

Major Historical Figures:

Sui Dynasty
Yang Jian (Emperor Wen of Sui) [r. 581-605 CE]
Crowned Prince Yang Guang
Prince Yang Yong
General Yang Su
General Liu Fang

Champa Kingdom
King Çambhuvarman

Major Works Cited:
Hirth, Friedrich (1913). “The Mystery of Fu-Lin” in The Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 33. Pp. 133-208. URL: www.jstor.org/stable/592825

Arthur F. Wright, Chaffee and Twitchett (ed.) The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 3 (1979)


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