Episode 77 – Sui 1: Internal Affairs


Emperor Wen of Sui is potentially the most important monarch you’ve never heard of. For him, militarily reuniting China wasn’t his legacy – it was his prelude. Both pre- and post-reunification, we explore the internal facets of his truly impressive reign today: his origins, personality, outlook, confidantes, the existential problems he inherited from the Period of Disunion, and the novel, world-changing solutions he’d craft to ensure China’s reunification would be factual, rather than just rhetorical.

Time Period Covered:
581-600 CE

Major Figures
Yang Jing (Emperor Wen of Sui)[r. 581-604]
Empress Dugu Qieluo
Gao Jiang
Yang Su
Su Wei
Li Delin

Arthur F. Wright, Chaffee and Twitchett (ed.) The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 3 (1979)


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2 thoughts on “Episode 77 – Sui 1: Internal Affairs

  1. Hi, I’m in China and occasionally have access to a VPN which means I was able to find this page, but I don’t have an iphone so I don’t have access to itunes, and I can’t seem to load it any other way into my phone. I just have iheartradio, bbc, and npr apps which only work intermittently with the internet here. How can I download your catalog in order to listen at my convenience?

    1. Hello, fellow China resident!

      I understand your pain!

      First off – seriously, get a VPN that you can use on the regular! This is not about the podcast, just general quality of life… no one deserves to live behind the Great Firewall!

      Beyond that, though, I can recommend you try these mirrors:

      http://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/2rvwn-33df3/The+History+of+China (<— this one has worked from within China in the past)


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