Ep. 74-76 Companion: Reunification!

561 CE:

Emperor Wucheng of Northern Qi Enthroned.



569-571 CE:

Indecisive raiding between Northern Zhou and Qi.



575 CE:

Northern Zhou besieges Luoyang, but it ends in failure when the Zhou emperor falls ill.  The Crowned Prince assaults to Tuyuhyun Empire in the Far West to some success, but nothing decisive.



576 CE:

Northern Zhou conquers Pingyang, forcing Qi emperor to flee to his capital Yecheng.



577 CE:

Northern Zhou conquers and annexes Northern Qi, and defeats Chen Dynasty raiders seeking to gain territory in the chaos.  Northern Qi loyalist warlords flee north and re-establish themselves near the Göktürk and Korean Kingdoms.



580 CE:

Northern Zhou presses attack against Chen Dynasty and gains territory between Huai and Yangtze Rivers.  Attack stalls when Zhou emperor takes ill and dies.  Gen. Yang Jian assumes regency of Northern Zhou, prompting a rebellion from Zhou loyalists based in Yecheng.  Yang Jian crushes the revolt and destroys Ye entirely.



581 CE:

Yang Jian dissolves Zhou line and assumes the imperial throne as Emperor Wen of Sui.



583 CE:

Wen of Sui launches an attack against the Northern Qi loyalists to destabilize their alliance with the now-hostile Göktürk Empire.  Göktürks fall into civi war, leaving Wen a free hand to turn southward.



587 CE:

Sui Dynasty annexed Western Liang entirely, ending its status as puppet regime.  Begins marshaling forces along the Yangtze River in preparation for southern invasion.



589 CE:

Sui Army commits more than 500,000 troops to invasion of Chen, proceeding in a large navy down the Yangtze River, blocking Chen reinforcements from the West, and sending two armies to capture Jiankang and the Chen Clan imperial family.



589 CE:

Jiankang destroyed entirely by Sui.  South and North China politically reunified under the Sui Dynasty.  And there was much rejoicing.

589 reunified


2 thoughts on “Ep. 74-76 Companion: Reunification!

  1. Hi ,

    Thanks for the email….where may I find the companion maps from earlier episodes?

    Many thanks


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    From:”The History of China” Date:Fri, 9 Oct, 2015 at 16:18 Subject:[New post] Ep. 74-76 Companion: Reunification!

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    1. Hi Adrian! And thanks so much for you interest! I’d be happy to provide the links to our other “companion” posts that display maps from this period 🙂





      All other earlier map/companion posts are freely available through https://thehistoryofchina.wordpress.com. Please feel free to check ’em all out!


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