Episode 75 – Southern & Northern #19: Reunion


Northern Zhou seems to have plotted a course for ultimate victory in the contest between the Northern and Southern Dynasties, having already annexed Northern Qi and turned its sights on Chen to the south. But it’s amazing how quickly dynastic fortunes can reverse themselves, and the Yuwen Clan’s line of emperors find itself stopped short, destroyed not by external threat but from an enemy within: the Duke of Sui, the man who would be Emperor of all China.


Time Period Covered:

577-589 CE

Major Figures:

Northern Zhou:
Yuwen Yan (Emperor Xuan; “The Responsible”) [r. 577-578, as Retired Emperor Tianyuan; “The Heavenly and Fundamental” r. 578-580]

Yuwen Chan (Emperor Jing; “The Silent”) [r. 578-581]

Gen. Yuchi Jiong [d. 580]

Gen. Yin Shou

Duke Yang Jiang of Sui (Emperor Wen; “The Cultured”) [regent of Northern Zhou 580-581, Emperor of Sui r. 581-604]



Chen Xu (Emperor Xuan; “The Responsible”) [r. 569-582]

Chen Shubao (Houzhu; “Final Ruler”) [r. 582-589]


Western Liang (vassal of Northern Zhou/Sui):

Xiao Cong (Emperor Jing; “The Meek”) [r. 585-587]


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