Episode 72 – Southern & Northern #16: As the World Burns


In the post-557 world, the three new major powers of China must confront the wide ranges of changes and struggles they must each face now that the political order of the entire empire has been turned on its head. This time, we look at the situation in the south as Northern Zhou and Chen vie for control over the central reaches of the Yangtze River.

Dates Covered:

557-568 CE

Important Figures:

Northern Qi

Warlord Yuwen Tai [d. 556]

Yuwen Jue (Emperor/Heavenly Prince Xiaomin) [r. 556-557]

Yuwen Yu (Emperor Ming) [r. 557-560]

Yuwen Yong (Emperor Wu) [r. 560-578]

Duke Yuwen Hu of Jin (Regent of Northern Zhou) [r. 557-572]



General Chen Baxian (Emperor Wu) [r. 557-559]

Chen Qian (Emperor Wen) [r. 559-566]

General Wang Lin (Liang Loyalist Rebel Leader) [555-560]

Crowned Prince Chen Chang [d. 559]

Prime Minister Hou Andu [d. 563]

Warlord Zhou Di (Rebel Leader) [r. 563-565]

Chen Bozong (Emperor Fei) [r. 566-568]

Chen Xu (Emperor Xuan) [r. 569-582]



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