Ep. 70& 71 Companion: Behold, Maps!

478 BC: The Final Year of the Liu Song Dynasty


534 CE: Northern Wei Splits into Eastern and Western Wei


537 CE: Western Wei & Rouran Seize Louyang


538 CE: Gen. Hou Jing Retakes Louyang for Eastern Wei


541-543 CE: The Ly Bon Rebellion & Van Xuan Independence:


544 CE: General Chen Baxian’s Expedition


547: Hou Jing’s Secession


547: Imperial Reaction to Hou Jing’s Secession


Spring 548: Hou Jing Flees Eastern Wei, Seizes Shouyang City

548 spring

Summer 548: The Hou Jing Rebellion


Spring 549: Hou Jing Takes Nanjing, Liang Princes Factionalize

spring 549


Summer 549: Hou Jing Strikes Southeast, Prince Xiao Yi Attacks Changsha and Xiangyang

summer 549


Spring 550: Xiangyang Submits to Western Wei, Xiao Yi Defeats Hou Jing on Battlefield; Eastern Wei Supplanted by Northern Qi

spring 550


Winter 550: Liang and Western Wei Reach Peace Agreement, Liang Cedes Jing Province and All Territory North of Han River

winter 550


Autumn 551: Hou Jing Declares Himself Emperor of New Han Dynasty

autumn 551

Spring 552: Xiao Yi Defeats Hou’s Army, Captures Nanjing; Hou Jing Flees by Ship, is Mutinied and Killed

spring 552

Winter 552: Xiao Yi Proclaims Himself Emperor Yuan of Liang, is Enthroned at Jiangling City

winter 552

Spring 553: Prince Xiao Ji Proclaims Himself Liang Emperor; Yuan and Western Wei Ally to Attack Chengdu

spring 553

Summer 553: Chengdu Beseiged, Xiao Ji Cut Off, The Assassinated on Board His Ship

summer 553

Late 553: Western Wei Annexes Western Liang; Emperor Yuan Demands Territories Returned, Is Laughed At

late 553

Spring 554: Western Wei Launched Lightning Strike on Liang Capital, Captures and Executes Emperor Yuan

spring 554

Summer 554: Xiao Cha Declared Emperor of Liang by Western Wei, Remainder of Liang Proclaims Their Own Emperor and Returns Capital to Nanjing

summer 554

Spring 557: Warlord Yuwen Jue Overthrows Tuoba Emperor, Establishes Northern Zhou; Is Promptly Killed By Own Brother

spring 557

558 CE: Liang Dynasty Overthrown, Chen Dynasty Established in its Place; War with Van Xuan Temporarily Halted



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      Yeah, wordpress sometimes does that when I try to link multiple images… quite frustrating, and I typically don’t catch it (since it’s not super-obvious when I publish) unless someone tells me. So thanks, I’ll get on fixing that 🙂

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