Episode 70 – Southern & Northern #14: The Hou Jing Disturbance


The end of Emperor Wu’s 5-decade-long rule over the Liang Empire is jam-packed with action. Following the split between Eastern and Western Wei in the North, it seems like there’s might be peace and quiet in the South for once. But this will prove short-lived, indeed. First, Vietnam will rise up in it first major rebellion in centuries against Chinese hegemony, and then a general from the far north will go rogue, defect from his warlord, and offer up his territories to Liang. It seems like an offer too good to be true… and as Emperor Wu will learn the hard way, what seems too good, usually is…


Time-Frame Covered:
535-557 CE

Major Historical Figures:


Emperor Wu of Liang (née Xiao Yan) [r. 502-549]

Acting Prime Minister Zhu Yi

Marquis Xiao Zi, Governor of Jiao Privince

Marquis Xiao Yuanming

Xiao Yong, Governor of Kuang Province

General Chen Baxian


Eastern Wei

Warlord Gao Huan

Prince Gao Cheng

Emperor Xiaowen

General Murong Shaozong

General Hou Jing


Western Wei

Warlord Yuwen Tai

Emperor Xiaojing


Rouran Khaganate

Chiliantoubingdoufa Khan

Vietnam (Jiao Province/Van Xuan Empire)

Ly Bon (Ly Nam De/ Emperor Ly of the South)

Trieu Tuc, Chieftain of Chu-dien City

Trieu Quang Phuc (Trieu Viet Vong/King Trieu of Viet)


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