Episode 68 – Southern & Northern #12: Dam It, Wu!


Going back about 50 years to the beginning of the 6th century, we move South once more to visit the new Dynasty that has destroyed the Qi: Liang, and it’s founding Emperor Wu. In this first half of Wu of Liang’s reign, wars will be fought, religions will be adopted, and a massive dam will be constructed as a siege weapon.

Time Period Covered:

Major Figures:
Emperor Wu of Liang (née Xiao Yan) [r. 502-549]
Prince Xiao Hong
Xiao Baojuan, Emperor of Southern Qi [483-501]
Xiao Baorong (Emperor He of Southern Qi) [r. 501-502]
Chief Engineer Chen Chengbo
General Kang Xuan
General Zhang Baozhi
Empress Dowager Hu of Northern Wei

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