THoC’s Eternal Imperial Court

Divine though his rule may be, even the mighty Emperor himself requires loyal officials to carry out his will across the Middle Kingdom.  These few have passed their imperial examinations and earned their place in the Son of Heaven’s inner sanctum, to be memorialized for all eternity…

Grand Imperial Architect


By special royal decree, an individual who has created truly exceptional works of sculpture or architecture can be honored as one of the Grand Architects of the Dynasty.  May their works last unto eternity!

Our Grand Architects:

  • Christophe M. – 3D Sculptor of Terracotta Warriors and Oracle Bones

Imperial Governors

Mingqing renwuxiaoxiang huaxuan(Nanjing: Nanjing Bowuguan, 1979), pl. 16. Ming portrait of Jiang Shunfu. detail.

The imperial governors are the primary implementers of imperial policy and tax collection across our vast realm.  Each governor is granted a territory, within which he has virtually sole discretion to administer justice in the Emperor’s name.  The hold title and lands, and carry with them the might of imperial authority wherever they go.

Our Governors:

  • Andrew L. – Imperial Governor of Ji Province
  • Samuel M. – Imperial Governor of Zhou Province
  • Paul L. – Imperial Governor of Yan Province
  • Alex G. – Imperial Governor of Henan Province
  • Zachary M. – Imperial Governor of Gansu Province
  • Yuan L. – Imperial Governor of Hebei Province
  • Sean G. – Imperial Governor of Jiangsu Province
  • Christopher M. – Imperial Governor of Hunan Province
  • PG – Imperial Governor of Fujian Province
  • Robert N. – Imperial Governor of Guangdong Province
  • Hang C. – Imperial Governor of Hainan Province
  • Dillo C. – Imperial Governor of Shandong Province
  • Sambhavi L. – Governor-General of Liuyu Protectorate
  • Benjamin C. – Imperial Governor of Xichuan Province
  • Forrest – Imperial Governor of Gansu Province

Imperial Ministers


The personal ministers and advisors of the Emperor himself.  In times of plenty and good governance, they carry out the imperial will unflinchingly and offer priceless insight and advice to the Son of Heaven.  But in times of corruption, they have often found themselves in a unique position to become the true power behind a weak throne.

Our Imperial Ministers:

    • Jacob M. – Prime Minister and the Governor of Yu Province
    • Robert L. – Imperial Minister and the Governor of Robertland Province
    • Caleb B. – Imperial Minister and the Governor of Chengdu Prefecture
    • Lam L. – Imperial Minister and Governor of the Nan’an Military Protectorate
    • Alvin K. – Imperial Minister and Governor of Guanxi Province

  • Imperial Duke


    Hearkening back to the ancient Zhou Dynasty, the title of Duke was largely abandoned after China’s unification under the Qin Dynasty.  Since then, only direct imperial decree has ever revived the position.  Only those of exceptional skill, influence, and power have ever been conferred such a title.  They are to be respected and greatly feared… for such standing is the conduit through which the truly ambitious have attempted – and at times succeeded in – usurping the throne for themselves!

    Our Dukes:

    Oscar P. – Grand Duke of Pallamallawa Prefecture

    Imperial Prince


    Direct members of the Imperial Clan, the princes wield tremendous power and influence across the empire, and nearly unlimited power within their own principalities.  They report only to the Emperor himself, command tremendous armies loyal to them personally, and are often who the more paranoid monarchs of China have both respected – and feared – the most.  Alternately, and more sinisterly, imperial decree can be used to induct a non-family member as an imperial prince… often with the fall of the Dynasty itself soon to follow.

    Our Princes: No one, yet!

    Bearer of the Nine Bestowments


    Having been given the nine official gifts by the Emperor himself, the bearer of the Nine Bestowments is a truly exceptional individual.  Though ostensibly to reward an official for their accomplishments in service of the Empire, in truth it has almost solely served as an indicator of complete control over the Imperial Throne and the final step before total usurpation.

    Our Bearers: No one, yet!

    Would you care to join our Imperial Court and support THoC at the same time… or simply want to know more about what this is all about – and what rewards await the Emperor’s faithful servants? Then visit our >>Patreon Page<< to find out more and/or become our patron and member of the Imperial Court.


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