Episode 64 – Southern & Northern #8: The Rise and Fall of Southern Qi


The successor state to Liu Song will start off strong, but it will soon hit the rocks of instability, rebellion, and overthrow all in just a little more than 2 decades. At the dawn of the 6th century, its end will largely parallel its beginning.

Time Frame: 479-502 CE

Major Participants:

Xiao Daocheng (Emperor Gao of Southern Qi) r. 479-482

Xiao Ze (Emperor Wu of Southern Qi) r. 482-493

Xiao Zhaoye (Emperor/Marquis of Donghun) r. 493-494

Xiao Luan (Emperor Ming of Southern Qi) r. 494-498

Xiao Baojuan (Emperor of Southern Qi) r. 498-502

Xiao Baorong (Emperor of Southern Qi) r. 501-502

Xiao Yan (Duke/Prince/Emperor Wu of Liang) r. 502-549

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