Episode 63 – Southern & Northern #7: Goin’ Off the Rails


The fates have not been kind to the Liu Song Dynasty. It keeps rolling the monarchy dice, and they keep coming up crazy-eyes. Emperor Ming will start strong, but descend into cruelty and paranoia. His successor seems to have just been born bad, and the final monarch of the dynasty won’t have enough time fall one direction or the other before a rising star will unseat him, and Liu Song altogether, as the true power of Southern China.

Period Covered: 465 – 479 CE

Major Figures:
Emperor Ming of Liu Song (née Liu Yu, r. 465-472)

Emperor Houfei (née Liu Yu, r. 472-477)

Emperor Shun (née Liu Zhun, r. 477-479)

General Xiao Daocheng

General Shen Youzhi
Yang Yufu, Imperial Attendant
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