Episode 62 – Southern & Northern #6: State of Emergency


In the mid-5th century, Southern China is at a boiling point. Between the decade reign of Emperor Xiaowu, and the 1-year abomination of his son Liu Ziye, there will be rebellion, murder, torture, and incest… so, so much incest. All of leading toward a terminal decline for the Liu Song Dynasty.

Period Covered: 453-465 CE

Important Figures:
Emperor Xiaowu (Liu Jun)r. 453-464
Prince Liu Yigong
Prince Liu Yixuan of Nanjiao
Prince Liu Dan of Jingling
Crowned Prince Liu Ziye (Emperor Qianfei) r. 464-465
Prince Liu Ziluan
Dai Faxing
He Mai
Princess Shanyin (Liu Chuyu)
Prince Liu Yu of Xiangdong (Emperor Ming) r. 465-472

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