Episode 60 – Southern & Northern #4: The More Things Change…

The decade long détente between the South and North will be shattered in 449 by a series of tit-for-tat campaigns by both sides, resulting in the destruction of much of the lands south of the Yellow River. But it will be assassins, not soldiers, who will most drastically shape the fates of both Northern Wei and Liu Song, one right after the other.


Dates: 446-453

Cast –
Northern Wei:
Emperor Taiwu (Tuoba Tao)
Crowned Prince Tuoba Huang
Prince Tuoba Han
Prince Tuoba Yu (briefly emperor)
Tuoba Jun (Emperor Wenzheng)
Zang Ai (Eunuch, Duke of Qing)

Liu Song:
Emperor Wen (Liu Yilong)
Crowned Prince Liu Shao (briefly Emperor Yuanxiong)
Prince Liu Jun of Shixing
Prince Liu Jun of Wuling (Emperor Xiaowu)
General Wang Xuanbo
General Zang Zhi
General Lu Xiu
Yan Daoyu (witch)

Locations: Shengle, Jiankang (Nanjing), Pengcheng, Xuanhu, Xiancheng, Qian’ao, Liu’an, Huatai, Xunyang,

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