Episode 58 – Southern & Northern #2: Thirty-Six Stratagems

Northern Wei uses Liu Song’s hesitation to move north of the Yellow River as an opportunity to reintegrate the last of the 16 Kingdoms into its hegemony. Koreans, Huns, and Mongols all get caught up in the fray.

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One thought on “Episode 58 – Southern & Northern #2: Thirty-Six Stratagems

  1. This episode is 30:00 on thehistoryofchina.wordpress.com. On Stitcher, it cuts off at 27:23 in the middle of a sentence. The last words on Stitcher:

    Buddhism’s central tenets, on the other hand, that life was at its core a cycle of suffering, impermanence, and loss to be escaped, must have seemed a far more reasonable, realistic worldview to the culturally shell-shocked Chinese of the fourth and fifth centuries. So it doesn’t seem surprising that, especially now that they could read the sutras, they would have spread quickly. But of course the budding —

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