Episode 57 – Southern & Northern #1: Bipolarity

What had been sixteen kingdoms in the North and an uneasy Dynasty in the South has calcified into a seemingly permanent polar split. After some shenanigans, both halves of China will – surprisingly – find themselves with capable leaders. The coming showdown will be one for the history… um… podcasts…

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2 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Southern & Northern #1: Bipolarity

  1. Hold on, have I missed episode 56 and 55? Last one I listened to was “Death of Two Jins”, episode 54. Then it goes to 57?

    Love the podcast btw.

    1. Hi fpzucco!

      No, you haven’t missed a thing… the episodes were just “re-named” to better reflec their actual order, correct a few early hiccups, and better organize them into chapters.

      The files are all updated, but I haven’t made the time to go back and re-record and re-upload the modified episode numbers into the intros just yet. Sorry for the confusion!

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