Open Question: What website hosting do you recommend?

Given that THoC is going strong after more than a year, and we’ve managed to accrue a little extra money (Thank you all!), I’ve been kicking around the idea of “upgrading”/professionalizing this here website to be less…er… “bloggy” or at least take the “.wordpress” out of the name.

Do you guys have any recommendation(s) as to a host?  I know wordpress has some pretty significant options available once I start using their paid service, but I also know there are other services out there [SquareSpace being the obvious, omnipresent choice in podcast ads ;)]

So have you had any good/bad experiences with web hosts?  I’ve been fairly happy with wordpress (apart from their arbitrarily deciding to cap .rss posts at 50, leading to that whole feed reset debacle… /glare.  But I’m certainly open (and indeed, outright asking!) for suggestions.




9 thoughts on “Open Question: What website hosting do you recommend?

  1. The one I’ve heard most highly praised is WPEngine. It is fast, secure, and scalable. With some providers, if your podcast gets a sudden flood of traffic, the volume could crash the server. That won’t happen with WPEngine. I’ve also heard they offer great support if anything does go wrong.

  2. You can’t go wrong with Their $8/month option works well with the blog format. But, what are your goals for getting a more “professional” website? More control over SEO? Potential expansion of content? If you have ideas, feel free to let me know.

    By the way, I love your podcasts!

  3. please switch to some place which supports mp3 or mp4 format..

    It is not possible to listen your podcasts from a computer which has ubuntu or mint. My android tablet cannot open your website also. The reason for this, I guess, is that you use .m4a format, rather than mp3/mp4.

    1. Hi Mehmet,

      I’m sorry you’re having issues downloading episodes in a usable form for you! Certainly something that I’ll need to look into solving.

      In the interim, may I suggest services such as or ? I don’t know much about Ubuntu, but maybe they’d be useful as format converters.

      Again, sorry you’re having such difficulties getting a utilizable file format! Thanks for giving me something I can look into fixing in the future.

      1. I am having the same issue. My MP3 player does not support M4A. I can download the recent episodes from your RSS feed but you don’t have everything available there. That leaves me converting 60+ episodes via a web option. Can you add your old episodes to the RSS feed perhaps?

    2. m4a is just mp4, there is no difference. I listened to the first 40 or so episodes on my android phone via doggcatcher, though any podcatcher will do the trick just fine. No problems playing it on my linux desktop either, though I prefer listening to this sort of thing while not at my desk so it doesn’t happen a lot. Neither ubuntu nor mint is the culprit here.

  4. Thanks a lot for the kind replies…

    Currently I am trying to install a podcatcher (gpodder) into my computer.

    The problems associated with the m4a format is real, though.. A lot of people who used ubuntu complained about them in various forums.

    Maybe the reason azraelNewType has not experienced any problems is the podcatcher he is using. Normally I directly open the website via firefox and right-click to download. In that case, I receive the message “The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred. Please try again.”
    My android tablet does not even open the website (I use chrome in my tablet).

    The podcasts seem to be of vey high quality.. I do not have enough patience to overcome the software problems and listen them.

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