Episode 42: The King in the North!

The war between the Three Kingdoms has ground to a bloody stalemate. Hoping to seize the initiative,Cao Wei and Sun Wu will turn their attention to Manchuria and Korea in search of allies to exploit and foes to crush.

Apologies for the slight delay this week! It’s crunch-time at work! Whew!

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One thought on “Episode 42: The King in the North!

  1. In regards to the naming of this era & whether it should be called the “3 Kingdoms” or “3 Empires” period, I was curious to hear what the top expert on the subject of Chinese emperorship had to say. It was difficult, but I did manage to get Qin Shi Huangdi to come out from his Qinling⛰ abode & pay me a visit. After several hours of vigorous kowtowing, I was given permission to ask him if the rulers of Cao-Wei, Shu-Han, & Dong-Wu warranted the title of “Emperor”. He laughed hysterically for the following dozen or so minutes, jeering, “Sure, why not? And, hey, you’re an emperor too! And your doggie’s🐶 the emperor of his doggie bed! 😆Hahaha! And your next door neighbor is the emperor of the house next door. And your mailman is the emperor of the mailbox📪! Bahaha! And your guppy🐟 is the fishbowl emperor! 😂Haha! So many emperors at once, oh my, so, so funny!” Then his mood instantly changed as he growled, “Insolent fool! The Emperor never battles, for he is only Emperor when he’s FINISHED conquering! I ruled the world🌎, chump! You understand, little man? The whole rotten world was mine. Mine! Mine, all mine! THAT is an Emperor, kiddo!”

    I must say, he was rather convincing. And I am much in agreement with the terra-cotta tyrant.

    The 3K period was (& its rulers were) defined by the battles fought in attempt to reunify the Middle Kingdom. Think 3K, & you immediately think warships burning to a crisp, or army raids & offensives into enemy territory, & fighting, & fighting, & fighting⚔️… 3K=Fighting. This is very unlike-let’s say (for example)-the Northern/Southern Dynasties period, which (although certainly including some military attempts to reunite the land) really did seem like 2 separate empires (divided by the Yangtze) who were each kinda content w/doing their own thing in their respective realm, & not having their era & legacies defined by fighting & military affairs beyond their borders of established control to reunify the land, but defined instead by the activities occurring WITHIN their own respective realms. I cannot look at the monumental scale of bloodshed from the 3K period & call any of those 3 territories “empires”, nor their rulers “emperors”. And ya know what, in their own hearts, neither would they. B/c, after all, the whole reason for the carnage & fighting of that period was for each ASPIRING emperor to realize his ambition by actually MAKING his own empire & actually BECOMING the emperor (if not, then what the heck was all that fighting & war all about!?).

    IMO, the 3K period was exactly that: 3 Kingdoms. Kingdoms mauling each other in hopes of making an empire. Because, to call them empires, & to call their leaders emperors… it makes TRUE emperors like Qin Shi Huangdi very angry. 😠And he’d be furious w/good reason, as it’s insulting to him: He is a legit emperor. He ruled a legit empire. A true emperor ruling over his empire: Nothing of the sort existed from the time the Han dynasty crumbled until the armies of Dong-Wu were trounced for good by Jin. With Jin Wudi, China finally had itself an emperor again.

    That’s my take on it. Qin Shi Huangdi concurs👍. He just nodded approval. Either that or he keeled over, like he’s asleep 😴 or something.

    😮! Is he dead? Why does he smell😷 like a human corpse, & also like rotten 🐠fish!? 😳It’s as if he weren’t alive anymore. But Li Si & Zhao Gao assured me he’s all well & good, & definitely not at all dead. And they also warned me not to listen to either the end of HOC podcast EP#21 nor any of EP#22. Wonder why that is…🤔

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