Episode 39: Warlords, White Wolf, Winter Winds

In the Southeast, the young but ambitious Sun Ce has splintered off to form his own power bloc, but intrigue will leave his legacy in jeopardy. To the Southwest, the thrice defeated Liu Bei has fled to the refuge of Jing Province under his cousin’s protection, to lick his wounds. And to the far North, Cao Cao wages a daring – and dangerous – campaign to stomp out the last vestiges of resistance to his absolute rule.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 39: Warlords, White Wolf, Winter Winds

  1. Love your podcast, and I’ve been waiting for you to get to this period. The Three Kingdoms is China’s national epic.

    I miss the cast of supporting characters in the novel though. I’d love it if you could do a segment going through the differences between the novel and the historical record.

    1. I agree, it is a shame to breeze by so many of the supporting cast here… I hope you can understand my reasoning, though…

      Even before this point, one of the big criticisms I received from quite a few people has been I’m just melting their brains with unfamiliar, difficult to process-much-less-remember Chinese names. I think this is a fair critique, since Chinese names are as hard for Westerners as my first name is for my Wenzhounese family-in-law (they call me “hot water”, which is about the closest they can approximate).

      I realize – oh my yes, I very much realize – that there’s a LOT more going on that makes it into the ‘cast… I just don’t want to lose 3/4 of my listeners getting bogged down in what effectually amounts to minutae (I feel like I skirted the line this last episode talking about why Sun Ce was pissed off at Liu Biao in the first place… I had to go back another decade and talk about how his father was squashed to death, which is *awesome*… but I don’t want to overwhelm people with names they’ve never heard of and can’t easily pronounce… I want people to come away from each episode being like “oh yeah *that* happened”… not like *wait… huh the who with the what?”) Understand: I’ve found myself trying to keep both the interest and approval of two *VERY* different groups of listeners – those who already have the basics of all this down pat and want something digging deeper, longer, harder… andthe second group who found this on iTunes and thought “hey that sounds interesting!” and has never really dug into Chinese history before. Can I appeal to both groups? That may end up being the central question of this entire project… depth vs. accessibility…

      That said, I *really* like your idea to compare the historical sources to the fictional sources. I’ll look in to seeing whether I feel that could be made a standalone episode, or at the very least work that more into the remainder of the 3K narrative.

      Thanks very much for your thoughts! Pleas let me know what else you think about THoC!

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