Episode 37: Things Fall Apart

Corruption and plutocracy run rampant throughout Han, leading to a religious uprising called the Yellow Turban Rebellion. It’s swiftly put down, but the problems are only beginning as we enter the end-phase of the Han and the opening act of the Three Kingdoms Period.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 37: Things Fall Apart

  1. Oh lord🙄. Please refrain from juxtaposing “A Song of Fire & Ice” w/”Romance of the 3 Kingdoms”. It isn’t fair to George RR Martin. He’s a good writer, but he still sits at the kiddy table during Thanksgiving dinner. Luo Guanzhong (despite my reservations about his Confucian-fueled misogyny) feasts at the exclusive grown-ups table, which seats only those very few elites of the literary craft (Homer, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, etc…).

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