Episode 36: Live Fast, Die Young

Coming on the heels of Han’s last Golden Age, emperors will begin dropping like flies, opening the Empire up to corruption from its empresses, military commanders, and the newly-empowered eunuch-lords.  Also, paper will be invented.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 36: Live Fast, Die Young

  1. The bright blue skies over Han China are-a-startin’ to change. Getting darker? Oh no. They’re yellowing!
    The times of the old blue sky are at an end. We’re on the cusp of a yellow-heavened age of glory & peace. We just need a few apocalyptic Daoist loonies to show us the way.😋

    Can’t wait to hear about them, & their kooky deeds, very soon (soon, as in, like, as soon as I finish concocting this comment & listen to the next episode. Soon, as in, like, right now).

      1. 1st off, I’m glad that you’ve read & approved my comments. 2ndly, I’m glad you get my witty humor (when my mom read my comments (yeah, I showed them to my mom, & yeah, she’s actually my best friend in the world, sad as that may seem, lol) she thought I was risking coming off as being too mean in the eyes of those who’d take all my words at face value). But your podcast is full of dry, deadpan, sarcastic, & witty humor, so I knew you’d be someone who gets it. Though that’s not to say I’m always being sarcastic, or don’t mean what I’m saying (i.e. my earlier comments about Wang Mang. I actually do like him… or, well, at least I like his basic philosophies on how a ruler should rule, even if he didn’t do too well in implementing his own goodness), but I almost always do have a kinda dark humorous wit in how I make comments.

        Loving the shows a whole lot😃, & learning more in each & every podcast than I could’ve ever even hoped to have learned. (This is neither a sarcastic nor a witty statement. I mean it, 100%. Thank you)

      2. Well thanks very much! It’s my greatest desire in the whole of this project to (hopefully) let everyone who listens learns *some*thing by the end of it… myself first and foremost! My interest in it began with “maybe I should learn more about this nation I live in…” and is continually fuelled by the thought of “huh! I’d never realized that before!”

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