Episode 34: One Han, Two Han, Red Han, True Han

In the power vacuum left by the defeated Xin Dynasty’s collapse, no fewer than six claimants to the long-vacant Throne of Han will vie for power… one backed by the Lülin Rebels, another by the Red Eyebrow Army, another a northern lord with an axe to grind, and a fortune-teller playing the role of a lifetime… who will emerge victorious to reunify the fractious Chinese Empire?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 34: One Han, Two Han, Red Han, True Han

  1. Well, well, well😏. All those folks who whined & moaned for years about the previous regime & created nothing but havoc & mischief for them, ultimately prove to be inept & corrupt morons, bullies, clowns, & scoundrels once they, themselves, come into power. Good thing nothing like that would happen nowadays in 2017, here in the good ole 🇺🇸USA🙂… 🤔Right? 😕Right!? 😧

  2. Han Ruzidi reminds me of a Chinese (& a more extreme) version of Edward Plantagenet, son of George of Clarence. Some Edward FYI: Upon his dynasty ending (when Tudor, Henry VII, defeated his uncle, Richard III, @ Bosworth), he, just age 10, was locked in a dungeon w/virtually no human contact. After years of seclusion, it was said he couldn’t tell the difference between a rooster & a goose (some think this account pegs him as being mentally slow, but others, like I, believe that it’s the logical result of what happens to a kid who spends a decade+ in a stone walled room w/nothing but his own child mind to keep him company). Fearing his royal bloodline (which gave rise to a rebellion, in which an imposter of Edward, named Lambert Simnel, was being used to justify the attempted overthrow of Henry VII), & under pressure from Ferdinand II of Aragon (who wouldn’t marry his daughter, Catherine of Aragon, to Henry VII’s eldest son, Prince Arthur of England, until Edward was dealt with), @ the age of 24 (& a mental age still @ 10), innocent little Edward😇 had his poor little head chopped off. 😢

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