Episode 33: The Red Eyebrow Rebellion

All hell breaks loose for Wang Mang’s Xin Dynasty when the Yellow River flooding its banks in 11 CE combines with the Xin’s own incompetent response, leading to famine, rebellion, and a complete breakdown of the social order and the dynasty itself.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 33: The Red Eyebrow Rebellion

    1. They were fundamentally a peasant army – farmer-soldiers – and likely didn’t “look” like anything so much as a mob that gradually refined and professionalized its tactics.


      The term “Red Eyebrows” comes, in fact from a (possibly apocryphal) tale of one of the peasant army’s general attempting to combat the confusion of such a battlefield’s inherent chaos and disorganization. Supposedly, his troops to paint their eyebrows red in order to better distingush one another in the heat of combat.

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