Episode 32: Han, Interrupted

Confucian Wang Mang overthrows Han and sets up his Xin Dynasty to renew the Golden Age of Zhou through land nationalization, wealth redistribution, and currency reform. It seemed like a great idea on paper, but in practice things begin to horribly wrong almost immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 32: Han, Interrupted

  1. Basing the country currency (w/different coins denoting different values) on its worth being what it says it’s worth (that is to say- its value lying only in the fact that the people believe in it being valuable, which is how US dollars, which are no more than green-inked slips of paper whose value only exists in our believing it as having value, works)… An income based tax system… Slave emancipation… Assistance for the landless peasantry… This guy was a brilliant mind full of thinking too advanced for the time it was stuck in. No wonder the stones of the Earth were literally crying out for him to be the one to rule. So sad how it didn’t turn out as it could & should have. So sad how history has wronged the admirable Wang Mang

  2. Hey, thanks for this series. Quick question for you – when you mentioned that Augustus banned the purchase of imported silk with gold coins, I didn’t follow why Roman gold coins had become irreplaceable

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