Episode 27: Go West, Young Han!

The young Emperor Wu of Han struggles to step out of the shadow of his grandmother and seize power in his own right. Meanwhile, he has sent an emissary behind enemy lines to find what mysterious peoples and empires lie far to the West, but it’s uncertain what he’ll find… or if he’ll live to tell the tale.

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One thought on “Episode 27: Go West, Young Han!

  1. Zhang Qian. China’s Marco Polo, long before Marco Polo (& w/seemingly more believable & accurate accounts & info pertaining to his incredible multicultural journey than is seen from Europe’s most legendary traveler). What I wouldn’t give just to sit down w/him over a couple cold glasses of brewski 🍺 & just listen to him speak, in his own voice, about his amazing life filled w/amazing tales of his amazing journeys to amazing places w/amazing cultures & all the amazing dealings he had w/all the amazing peoples he met throughout his amazing experience. And I don’t even speak any Chinese or drink any alcoholic beverages!

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