Episode 26: The Rule of Wen and Jing

The reigns of Han Emperors Wen and Jing took enormous strides to stabilize the dynasty both within and without. Lowered taxes, more lenient laws, and normalization of international relationships saw life under Wen and Jing greatly improve. But a blunder dealing with the autonomous Imperial Princes threatens to unmake everything…

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7 thoughts on “Episode 26: The Rule of Wen and Jing

  1. In an effort to keep costs down, you might want to ask Laszlo Montgomery of the China History Podcast how he gets about 2 minutes out of a megabyte as opposed to less than one minute per that this pocast achieves. This could cut your bandwidth usage in half, saving both of us, as my mobile plan strangulates my bandwidth when my podcast downloads are so huge.

    1. Hi there cleantonemetal,

      Thanks very much for the advice. File size had fallen off my radar since, oh, about December when it became clearly necessary to have a hosting plan with no upload/bandwidth limits… hence I really wasn’t thinking about it on the other end.

      But you’re absolutely right, it’s a chunk of file for anyone on a mobile data plan! It comes down to file compression, I know, so I’ll look into a program that can help me out with that (Garageband is, quite frankly, abysmal about that option)… I certainly don’t want inordinately large files to be turning anyone off.


    2. Alright, I found it! This episode is as I type being re-uploaded as an mp3 file rather than an m4a file… the difference was pretty amazing in terms of file-size: 29Mb vs 59Mb before.

      Hope that helps ease the data burden for you!

  2. This is a great series! I have been listening whilst painting and have been really enjoying learning about China. Good luck with the rest!

    1. Wonderful to hear from you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

      I’ve got to say, I’m fascinated with the silk painting you post on your blog! The strikes me as a rather difficult medium to work with, but the results are – self evidently – quite stunning. Silk is such an incredible substance… not more than a month ago, at my office we had 3 silk worms. They’d munch away on their mulberry leaves… and they they’d spin their incredible little cocoons. Just an incredibly interesting process to see! And of course, there’s the “harvesting process” where the caterpillars are boiled to preserved the integrity of the hundreds-of-meters-long single unbroken strand of silk… I’m digressing, but – as you can see – I find it to be an extraordinary animal and resultant substance.

      Hope you continue to make your beautiful pieces of art, and that I can continue to keep you entertained while you do so!

  3. 😔 I’m disheartened to have here learned of Han Wendi’s foolish choice to allow for unmitigated money minting & production. It’s forever been, & shall forever remain, my contention that Han Wendi was a far better Han emperor of China than the much more famous, more highly celebrated, & (yeah, I’m gonna say it) more erroneously overrated Han Wudi (I swear, I will fight y’all to the death on this one if I have to!). But that particular decision of Han Wendi’s was quite dumb. Extremely dumb, rather. I can’t defend him on that. Yet, it’s a tiny (albeit very stupid) blemish upon, what otherwise was, the golden reign of a criminally overlooked, underrated, & stupendous visionary emperor. In the entirety of Imperial China (& all the emperors from all the dynasties it produced), Han Wendi was certainly ONE of the very best ever, & perhaps THE very best ever.

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