Episode 25: The Bloody Empress

With Han’s first Emperor, Gaozu, dead, his wife the first Empress of China Lü Zhi plans on making a few… *alterations* to the goings on of court life. And she doesn’t care who she has cut the arms and legs off of to achieve her goals.

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One thought on “Episode 25: The Bloody Empress

  1. I’m just picturing the scene in my head: Dowager Lü Zhi, leading her Imperial son to the pigsty in which the limbless and blinded Consort Qi was being penned in, the ruthless Lü Zhi maniacally laughing at her own handiwork w/her tender hearted teenaged son gazing horrified upon the sight of Qi (nothing more than a head upon a torso) covered in filth & squirming to move about, the young Emperor then spending the following few months in the corner of his room, curled up in a ball, sucking his thumb, w/his eyelids blown wide open in traumatized terror. For goodness’ sake, somebody go in there & give that poor kid a hug!

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