Episode 24: Xiongnu to the Left of Me, Rebels to the Right…

The Han Dynasty is established by Liu Bang, who crowns himself it’s first Emperor Gaozu. But though this is the beginning of a golden age for China, it get’s off to a rough start, as to the north the steppe tribes have united into the terrifying Xiongnu Empire under the ancestor of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan: Batur Chanyu. Within the empire itself, a murder-happy Empress Lü will inadvertently incite rebellions against her husband’s rule.

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One thought on “Episode 24: Xiongnu to the Left of Me, Rebels to the Right…

  1. The Xiongnu. Oh yeah! Finally, the we’ve put the cheese 🧀 in the China history omelette 🍳. We’ve slathered the butter & poured the syrup upon the China history waffles. We’ve placed the ramen noodles 🍜 into the China history boiling broth. Barbarians (for lack of a better term) may have been a pain to more cultured (for lack of a better term) societies of their ages, but they make the cuisine of history so much tastier (just look at Ancient Roman history, in which Rome itself, & the Roman peoples themselves, prove so uninteresting that they serve as a mere side condiment, w/the barbarians being the actual meal for our interests to feast well upon). I’m looking forward chowing down on lots of Xiongnu, Xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen, Mongol, Uighur, Tibetan, Tangut, Nanman, Koguryo, Di, & (of course!) Dingling yumminess in future podcasts.

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