Episode 23: The Chu-Han Contention

With the Qin Dynasty dead and buried, the victorious rebels turn on one another to establish who will be the next power in China.  The Hegemon-King of Chu, Xiang Yu, squares off against his great rival the King of Han, Liu Bang.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 23: The Chu-Han Contention

  1. Mark Antony vs Octavian. Stephen of Blois vs Empress Matilda. Grant vs Lee… When a country’s 2 greatest rivals duke it out, w/battles galore & an ever twisting narrative, to decide the fate of their land, it always yields a riveting story. Concerning China & all its long, grand, vast history (w/all due respect to Chairman Mao & Generalissimo Chiang), Liu Bang vs Xiang Yu is THE definitive rivalry above all others. Great job w/this episode in bestowing these mortal foes (& their struggle to bring each other down) w/all the well-earned epicness they deserve. And you did so w/o even having to mention the legendary Hongmen Banquet incident! 🍽⚔️

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