Episode 21: One Nation Under Qin

The victor of the Warring States Period has unified China into its first Empire and taken the name Shi Huang Di.  Thereafter, he will expand his borders, unify his nation’s language, build a Great Wall to the north, and attempt to stave off death itself.


EDIT:  Thanks to splitbrain for informing me that I’d mucked up the endroll.  Ep. 19 is now re-uploaded without the ending ad, for any of you who missed out on that last minute or so.

Download: here

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2 thoughts on “Episode 21: One Nation Under Qin

  1. The advertising at the end overlays the last minute or so of the podcast. You might want to re-upload.

    1. Hi splitbrain,

      Thanks for letting me know! Doh! I’ll reupload it asap without that last ad… silly me! Too many moving parts and inevitably I’ll mess up at least one of them.

      Thanks again!

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