Episode 20: There Can Be Only One!

In this final conclusion of the Warring States Period, the King of Qin at last begins his campaign to destroy the other six kingdoms and unify China under a new dynasty. But he’ll have to contend with military setbacks, tenacious defenders, and assassins who will do anything to stop him.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 20: There Can Be Only One!

  1. Don’t know if you still check comments on (very) old episodes, but I’ll try anyway.

    First off, just found out your podcast and I’m enjoying it a lot. I do have some knowledge of Chinese history, thou my primary field of expertise lies in its modern history, so I love the fact that your podcast lets me brush up on my ancient Chinese history. Looking forward to catching up with the current narrative and thank you for your hard work!

    I would also like to ask you a question related to the Warring States period. You mentioned armies in the hundreds of thousands, thou don’t you think these numbers are almost certainly exaggerated?

    If we take into account the estimated population of the warring kingdoms, the numbers of soldiers reported in the sources seem extremely unrealistic. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the numbers were exaggerated tenfold.

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