Episode 12: The Shattered Empire

King You of Zhou lays headless, the capital a smouldering ruin, and royal authority utterly destroyed. Regional lords exploit the chaos at hand to expand their own domains – and at times declare their own kingdoms – while the new, toothless Eastern Zhou kings struggle to stabilize the situation. After a holiday break, we’re right back into the action with the beginnings of the Spring and Autumn Period.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12: The Shattered Empire

  1. Great show!

    I used to listen to Lazlo, but picking random topics out of such a huge history always left me feeling rather lost and unsatisfied, hence a “cover-to-cover” treatment such as yours is greatly appreciated and feels like a much better place to start.

    I’m fresh off of Robin Pierson’s “The History of Byzantium” series, the explicit successor to Mike Duncan’s “The History of Rome”, and one of the novelties I most appreciated about Robin’s work is that he stops every century, answers a bunch of listener and questions, and gives a sort of summary of important topics that tend to get lost in a main narrative: explanations of what all the neighboring civilizations have been up to, how the organization of the state is evolving, what is going on with religion, etc etc. Per instance, he paused and did 4 episodes on “Why did the Arabs win?”.

    I mention this because I think it is an excellent addition to gradual, chronological, narratives like yours. Up to you of course, and I can see that you do some of this sort of thing (e.g. the Confucius episode i’ll be coming to soon) already.

    Anyways, thanks again, and happy podcasting!

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Yes, once I got into Byzantium, I started thinking along those lies as well. I’m not quite as “regular” with them as Robin, but I’ve started those kind of “look back” episodes. Most recently was called “Taking Stock”, which is at the tail end of the Period of Disunion.

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