Episodes 1 & 2: The Reset Button

Alright, so upon switching over to SoundClound, I was notified that my intro/exit music were… probably a no-no to be using.  Thus, I was working on reuploading my content as-is, except for swapping out the music for something that wasn’t going to get me sued.

… but after many comments stating as much, and hearing myself the huge difference in sound quality and lack of noise between the first two episodes, and Episode 3 where I finally was using a real mic… I… just couldn’t bring myself to reupload those low-quality outings.

So, I re-recorded them… this time with mic.  I also took the opportunity to streamline them a bit more, and removed a few of the moments I admit were less “inspired” than I’d initially hoped.

I hope you’ll agree that they’re much, much better than before.  Of course, if you’re feeling fine with the episodes you have, no worries.  They content is almost verbatim the same (again, except for a few alterations here and there, mostly with specific wordings).

If you’re subscribed with iTunes, I’m still working out how my switch to SoundCloud and subsequent re-do might affect that… time will tell.  My hope is that I won’t need to do any major overhaul in that respect.

And don’t worry… all my re-recording has not slowed down the production timetable of the upcoming Episode 4: Revenge of the Xia!  As with the previous listings, I’m expecting that ready for release by this weekend.



3 thoughts on “Episodes 1 & 2: The Reset Button

    1. Hi Oomiak, and thanks very much for the encouraging comments!

      Before today/yesterday when I switched over to the new host, my old episodes were on iTunes… my feed is still listed there, so I think there may just be a day or so lag time between changes made and the iTunes guys re-approving the feed content and putting the episodes back up.

      So yes, I have every hope in the world that iTunes will pick my ‘Cast back up… and the sooner the better!

      So glad you like what you hear!


      Update: iTunes appears to have gotten around to throwing up all 3 episodes! Go and subscribe in peace… and while you’re there consider rating me highly 😉

  1. Chris, great podcast. I posted a link to it on our Montana Council for History and Civics Education Facebook page … Sorry, if I possibly offended you by describing you as “A kid of a friend” – no offense intended. I just wanted to keep you ….. anonymous.

    Jim Bruggeman
    Executive Director, The Montana Council for History and Civics Education

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