Episode 3: The Xia, China’s First Dynasty

This week we move into the beginnings of China’s dynastic period where rulers began favoring birthright over merit – and the consequences will be almost immediately apparent.  Beginning with the triumphant reign of the heroic Yu the Great, the Xia’s semi-accidental trip into dynastic succession will swiftly spiral downward, eventually leaving a usurping general in power, and the House of Xia all but exterminated after decades in exile.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3: The Xia, China’s First Dynasty

  1. Love your style; appreciate the heavy lifting research you’ve done, the broad subject matter, the details, the humor and occasional editorial comment …. please keep podcasting ….

    We’ve been listening to the Topics in Korean History podcast for a couple years ( http://www.topicsinkoreanhistory.com/ ) and have enjoyed it immensely. Korean history is so entwined with Chinese history that we are eager to learn more about this immense country.

    1. Hi Billy, so sorry to be so egregiously late in getting back to you. No excuse… just the end of the semester eating away that so-called “free” time… ha. Hardly free 😉

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying ‘cast thus far. And your feedback mean quite a lot!

      Much obliged!


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