Episode 3 Companion: Just where the heck are we?

As promised, here are a few items I found concerning this week’s podcast episode that might help you better understand the wheres and whats of our proceedings.

First, here is China as its provinces are divided today, with the two confusing provinces Shanxi and Shaanxi marked:

Shanxi map


A map of the nine provinces declared by Yu the Great:
nine provinces

Emperor Yu in the flesh… er… silk:



Comparing the Xia Dynasty to the Erlitou Civilization:



The Nine Copper Cauldrons of Yu, Jiu Ding (note, the originals were lost at the end of the Warring States Period.  These are examples of replacements constructed in the Zhou Dynasty):

jiu ding


Jiu Ding


6 thoughts on “Episode 3 Companion: Just where the heck are we?

    1. That could very well be. It’s all, f course, rather conjectural. But as I (think I) mentioned in the episode, the modern understanding tends toward the Xia, Shang, and Zhou having been contemporaneously extant, rather than successional… so it’s entirely possible that such cultures as the Longshan finds could have, in fact, been the rudiments of the Shang or Zhou 🙂

  1. If provinces were divided by areas which remained at least one mountain above the water during the flood, what are the mountains in Yan, Yu, Yang provinces? Others are pretty clear from the map.

    Great podcast! Why I have discovered it so late?!

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